St. Andrew's Church, Endicott

A worshiping community in the Anglican tradition located in Endicott, NY

Can you help us, can we help you?

Can You Help Us…

With our History?

What do you remember about our church building?
Were you ever a member here?
Do you have photographs of the church in the past?
– Outside?
– Inside?
– Its clergy or members?
– A marriage, or baptism or other special occasion?
Do you know some history about the monuments in the front?
Are there stories of clergy or friends from 400 West Wendell?

With our Ministry?

Do you teach? Do you sing? Can you help us with the
restoration of our buildings? Can you pray for us and
for others? Do you like to help others smile? Christ always
has a place for you in His service. Perhaps you can find the
peace and joy of God here, among the people of St. Andrews.

Visit us anytime. Come to any service. Speak to our pastor, Tony Seel, the parish secretary, Ruth McKinley, or any one you know at St. Andrews.

Can We Help You…

With Prayer?
Do you, or someone you know, need intercessory prayer?
Petitions to God on your, or their, behalf can be offered
discretely by our Healing and Prayer groups, and/or more
broadly through our telephone Prayer Chain and during
worship services.

These are most often prayers of petition, but may be prayers of thanksgiving, as well. God is eager for us, as his children, to express all our confusion, needs, and appreciation to Him.

With a Visit?
Are you, or do you know, a shut-in? Is there someone
who would benefit from talking with a clergy person,
from receiving communion, or just a friendly visit?

With a Sacrament?
Are you considering a baptism? Thinking of marriage? Looking to be confirmed as a citizen of Heaven? Perhaps, your are planning final arrangements? Maybe the administration of a Healing would be of benefit?

Do you have another need? Call St. Andrews Church at 607.785.6092
or contact Pastor Tony Seel at tseel12 at (replace at with @).

St. Andrews Church
Sunday Worship: 10:00 A.M.
400 West Wendell Street, Endicott, NY 13760